To be fair, it happened quite a while ago it is only now that we have fully realized the magnitude of what did actually happened. Yeah, we are kind of slow like that, forgive us, we humbly beg of you. So what has actually happened? What is this impossible that we mentioned in the title? Well believe it or not, two of the games that most of the people gave up on a very long time ago are actually confirmed and ready to be distributed to gamers all around the world!

We do know if you are familiar with The Last Guardian, but chances are if you are an average gamer, you know exactly what The Last Guardian is or, to be more precise, what it was supposed to be years ago back when PlayStation three was considered to be the latest and most advanced that gaming has to offer.

Yes, it is actually been that long ago that we have first been introduced to the concept of The Last Guardian.

For those of you uninformed, The Last Guardian is a video game developed by the same people who made Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Guys behind these games are being called “team Ico” since Ico was their first game and also the one which set everything in motion.

The concept of The Last Guardian is kind of reverse concept of Shadow of the Colossus. While in Shadow of the Colossus you were chasing down giants trying to kill them in order to… Well, in order to do something, we just realized that it would be a huge spoiler if we said what you are actually trying to accomplish by doing it in that game.

This time around a Colossus (of sorts) is your best buddy and you play as a kid, similar to that one from Ico (minus the horns) while traversing landscape and solving all kinds of different puzzles involving platforming, combat and who knows what else. We’ll just have to wait until we’ve actually played the game.


And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got another game that pretty much everybody has given up on since it’s been in development for as long as we can remember. It feels like we were just hitting puberty when this game was revealed to us back in 20andwhoknowswhat year it was. Well now it’s official, the Final Fantasy XV is finally complete and you may expect the game to release worldwide any time now.


Were actually super excited about this game even though we are not a huge fans of the Final Fantasy series. Perhaps the fact that this game feels much more like an action adventure with the style pretty different from the other Final Fantasy games is the reason why, we don’t know, it could be.

Despite all the bold moves taken during its development that made the game feel less like a Final Fantasy and more like something entirely different, it still manages to radiate with that Final Fantasy charm and feel. However, the game has been in development for such a very long time and the expectation bar has been raised so high that this game has absolutely no chance of fulfilling even the slightest fragment of expectations set for it but even so, it is probably going to be a very good game and a very different kind of Final Fantasy.