Hey guys! This time around wanted to do something very different than what we do usually with our post. Suffice to say, today’s post will be nothing like what you’ve come to expect so far from us and is going to feel more like an advertisement or a commercial material but nevertheless, we would like to ask for five minutes of your time to read through this because we think this is truly something that you should be aware of.


It was just recently that our team ran up to The Able Gamers foundation. These are the guys doing charity work and trying to help numerous disabled and in any way impaired individuals to fully enjoy video games just as if they they were completely capable people without any kind of handicap. And to tell you the truth, these guys are doing some extraordinary work on that field.

We all love playing video games. It’s probably our most favorite pastime of them all. Now imagine how devastating some of us would feel if that was just taken away from us. Imagine if you would never be able to play your favorite videogame again because of some physical condition that simply happen to you and you’re forced to live with it for the rest of your life. Imagine if the feeling of control would suddenly disappear from  your arms and you were unable to use your hands again to hold the controller or move the mouse around. Guys over at The Able Gamers are more than aware of the fact that there are many individuals with problems like these and some handicaps in general that don’t allow certain people to fully enjoy video games in a conventional way that most of us are simply taking for granted.

We would like to use this opportunity to simply mention this organization and make a short notion of what they’re doing in case that there is anybody out there interested in helping them out in some way or simply by spreading the word of their existence. Gaming is quickly becoming worlds most enjoyable pastime and there are more people enjoying this form of media every day. The Able Gamers are making sure that everybody is on equal footing when it comes to video games providing the means necessary for every individual disabled in any way to fully experience and enjoy video games.

Check out there webpage if you’re interested in this movement, and if you can donate it would most certainly help them out. From what we saw on the webpage, it is also possible to volunteer and further spread the word and help this noble cause fulfill its vision of accessible gaming for everybody.

Know that this is not a sponsored spotlight and that we are doing this because we want to, not because we were asked to do it or paid. We are not in any way affiliated with that organization and we have never even talked to any of its representatives, in fact we do not even know if they have any.