Just a week or so ago, NBA 2K18 was released and we were interested to see whether or not some changes have been made to the economy system which we remember for being abhorrently restrictive and over the top greedy. After less than a couple of minutes, we can say with utmost certainty that yes, they did make significant changes and made the game even more restrictive than we remember it.


This time around you have to pay absolutely for everything! Well ok, you don’t have to pay to play but if you want to play and win, you are required to pay at least more then the person you’re playing up against.


You see, NBA 2K18 made it so that unless you spend a significant amount of time grinding for the virtual currency, this time around you won’t be able to do some basic things like properly upgrade and develop your character.



But It’s not like you don’t have an alternative. You do. Instead of grinding you can always choose to straight off pay for some virtual currency and upgrade your characters straight away! We don’t know about you, but we remember when games like these relied on player skill rather than their wallets.


If you’re playing a game like this then, we are sorry that you have to put up with this. Nobody buys a game because of this. Every single NBA 2K player got the game because they wanted some fair and square basketball action, not because of their economy system. Who cares for that anyway? This is a basketball game, not an RPG!


Because we like you as well as we like all of our readers, we went on and searched for the best way to get a lot of virtual currency easily and even obtain locker codes. Among all different kinds of guides that are all rather helpful but all of them rely on glitch exploiting through the process of repeating a very stalemate action over and over again until you’ve had enough, we have also found this incredibly useful tool that will allow you to generate free locker codes almost instantly.


So go on right ahead and knock yourself out. We want these companies to see that the players are not going to put up with this. We are going to persevere one way or another. We are going to hack these games and we are going to exploit all the imperfections that they dare to sell us in the first place since they are clearly trying to exploit our good will.


If you have any friends playing this game, we would like to ask you to share that NBA 2K18 locker codes generator with them as well so that they can also use it to their benefit. This way we hope that people at 2K will realize that their stupid economy system is not something the players want and in the future focus on making quality products that we will pay for willingly instead of releasing half-baked, unstable game that can’t even run properly and still have the audacity ask for extra money from their customers.