Sad but true, in a modern video gaming industry it has become a common practice to only release a fraction of the game while simultaneously locking the remaining parts of the game behind payment wall. For those reasons today we are facing with day one DLC content which is clearly supposed to be in the main game.

Why is this happening? How did we get here? What happened during our time the drastically changed the way we play?

Quite frankly, it’s us, the consumers. The people are buying these things and that is the only reason they’re selling. That’s the short version of it and that’s the truth.

How can anyone expect a company like UbiSoft that makes half-baked games available for preorder time after time getting away with such a thing? We’re all aware how staged their pre-release trailers are, how great the idea behind those games is and how awful those games are upon their release and how for some reason these games keep selling prepurchase copies. Of course they’re going to do it again, why wouldn’t they went the games sold despite being awful. This is exactly the same game with contents being locked behind the payment wall.

Since they’re selling half-baked games, they know that customers will want to buy anything that may feel more like the experience they were initially after, so an $20 DLC for a game you already paid $80 for may not feel like much considering that you will be getting exactly what you initially wanted from the game. Right? Wrong.

stop supporting payment wall meme

By buying these game expansions, these downloadable contents that are clearly supposed to be in the main game, you are encouraging companies to continue with this kind of marketing and sales plans. If we want it to stop, if we want our games to have everything that they were supposed to have on the day one release, if we want to work for extra skins and extra maps, if we want to earn those special weapons and unlock secret game mods like we were supposed to do in the first place, we have to stop buying downloadable content that makes absolutely no sense to be sold as a separate game content.

Next time you’re playing NBA 2K17, don’t pay for virtual currency, do not buy those coins with your real hard earned coins, stop encouraging companies who incorporate this model to do that again. It’s not only about you, it’s about all of us. If you want more quality content, we have to think what were paying for.

Every PC user could simply download a mod that changes the character’s appearance instead of paying ten dollars for those silly things. Every NBA 2K17 player should instead make use of hacks that allow them to generate locker codes for NBA 2K17 rather than to willingly pay for those virtual coins.

Yes, it is considered cheating, we are perfectly aware of the fact but, what difference does it make whether you pay for somebody to add them to your account or you use a hack to generate them yourself. Either way you haven’t earned them, you’ve either paid or found a way to make them yourself, it’s cheating either way but it just so happens that one method is free and other one is asking you to pay for it.