Final Fantasy XV has been on the PlayStation for quite some time now and a quite large number of people have already had the pleasure of playing through the game even multiple times in some cases. However there has been one inconsistence in all of this.


The PC players have been denied the opportunity to enjoy and try the game for themselves. This is nothing new. PlayStation has been known to release exclusive videogame titles for like, forever and they are quite notorious for that.


On the other hand SquareEnix, the developer and the publisher of the Final Fantasy franchise has started turning towards PC more and more before a couple of years.

They’ve already brought some of the games like the classic Final Fantasy titles previously only available for Nintendo and the original PlayStation console. If you are one of the players who always wanted to but never had the chance to experience this undoubtably huge and beautiful game for themselves, well you will get your chance!


Final Fantasy XV is getting a PC release! It Has been officially confirmed and the game already has its own page on Steam,  PC’s most popular videogame distribution platform owned by Valve. The game is called Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and has promised to bring the ultimate version of the FF XV to the most powerful gaming platform with all kinds of bonus content, and specifically designed for Window players. It even says so in the game description.


Apparently, the PC version will feature all of the content contained in free updates released for the consoles versions of the game as well as the paid downloadable content that was originally only accessible through the season pass on consoles.

And what would PC gaming be without some ridiculously high level of details? The game will  support 3840×2160 resolution also known as 4K, all beautifully renderend in HDR 10. But you have to stop there the game will offer you the opportunity to tweak the settings and bring your resolution all the way up to 8K if you want to take some stunning screenshots or you have a large display and one to have all of the little details displayed in as much of the details as possible!


These are some really good news for all the Final Fantasy fans out there or gamers in general looking for something new to play. Final Fantasy games have always been known for their exceptional storytelling and narrative potential. Final Fantasy XV most definitely doesn’t fall behind and it even brings the whole gameplay level to well, another level so say.


While you wait for this masterpiece that has been in development for 10 years to finally arrive to Steam, go check out the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive which is a fully CG animated longplay movie that serves as an introduction for the game. Even if you don’t care for the story that much, the movie is excellently animated and a good time is almost guaranteed for every CG animation lover.