Pride is something no other form of entertainment can make you experience. You never feel proud while reading the book and there is no reason for you to feel any pride at all when you’re watching a movie where a fictional character is not a representation of yourself in any way possible achieves something extraordinary or simply cool (unless of course you are a Scottish guy watching Braveheart, in that case it’s okay). In gaming however, you are just as credible as the character you’re controlling for their achievements. So, what are those things in gaming that make us proud and want to screenshot the moment, put it in a frame in place in on a wall in our room so we never forget about it? Here’s what think:


  • Earning an achievement of any kind.

We’ve all been there and we all know just how satisfying it is to get that notification saying how you’ve achieved something, no matter what it is. Every time we get one of those, were filled with a sense of pride even if just for a fraction of the moment until we realize how pointless all of that is, but for that fraction, in that tiny moment of time, it’s all worth it.


  • Getting a Headshot in a FPS game.

Any kind of headshot, trick shot or a long-distance successful hit for that matter. For instance scoring a really tricky and distant shot in sniper elite accommodated with slow-motion camera and x-ray footage to show exactly what you did and what happened to your target. If the game is multiplayer, then it’s even better because you know that on top of the fact that you just scored a point, you’ve probably pissed off somebody completely unrelated to you in any way. Now isn’t that just great?


  • Being MVP in any multiplayer game.

If it happens that those tricky head shots are something you do often, then perhaps you’re familiar with the pride filling your entire being at that moment when you’re being called the MVP of the game. There is truly nothing more honoring to a multiplayer gamer than being recognized as the most important and honor worthy member of their team. Here’s to you MVP’s!


  • Pulling off a PERFECT stealth mission.

In stealth games, it is fairly easy to make progress simply because of the fact that the enemy is unaware of you and you can easily pick them off one by one. Those of us who seek more thrilling and more challenging approach to situations like these, nothing but a perfect stealth run is considered satisfactory. By perfect stealth we mean never getting spotted, never killing an enemy and it never raising any suspicion at all throughout the entire level. Now that’s a damn good feeling!


  • Not using quicksave for a long time.

Now imagine everything that was mentioned before, and put it into perspective of the single player gamer. Pulling a perfect stealth, getting a lot of head shots and surviving the level ultimately or earning a specific kind of achievement which usually requires you to play a game under specific circumstances (and usually these mean that you are crippled in a way), all of this while restraining yourself from using the most widespread sheet of them all that we are all using, the quick save / load function. Now that is something you should truly be proud about!