Last time we touched the topic of what makes gamers feel pride while playing. We got some really positive feedback from you guys regarding that article and many of you expressed how you would like to get more content like that so we gave it a thought and realized that this is probably a good idea so, why the hell not. This time around however, we are going to try and step up the game a little bit and see what makes us even prouder than the last time. This is a post made for the most hard-core of the hard-core ones, so let’s get this over with!


  • Getting 100% achievements in any game

Last time we mentioned how proud achievements can make us feel, any achievement for that matter, but only the most hard-core from the crowd know what truly matters. Getting 100% achievements score in any video game is a feeling like no other. This is basically your way of saying that you’ve seen it all and that no matter what anybody tries to tell you, you can just flaunt your perfect achievement score and give them a specific look, and you know what kind of look we’re talking about if you ever got 100% in any video game!


  • Godlike accuracy / Not missing a single shot

Certain video games keep track of your shots fired. Last time we mentioned how satisfactory scoring a headshot or a trick shot could be. This time around we’re stepping it up to an insane level! If you’ve ever played one of those cool tactical first-person shooter games like Insurgency or Arma you know just how important it is not to miss a shot. Living up until the game ends and until you eventually win it for your team and finally realizing that you’ve made every fired shot count is truly what legends are made of.


  • Making it to TOP 10 on leaderboards

Last time it was being MVP after the round ends, but how about being an all time MVP or simply the best of the best like nobody ever was before you? Undoubtedly this is something that most of the players will not be able to relate to, not now and probably not ever but those of you who know the feeling of making it to leaderboard’s top 10 places are probably not going to forget that moment for as long as they are alive.


  • No kill play through

Getting a perfect stealth run is one thing but completing an entire game without ever relying on your weapon is something else. We all know how hard it can be just to finish a certain area of a level without ever having to rely on your trustworthy weapon or gadgets that may maim or incapacitate your enemies in a variety of ways. But what about completing an entire game without ever firing a single shot at the enemy? This is more than just finishing the game, this is what a moral victory feels like and if you’ve ever done something like this, we salute you!


  • Finishing a game on Ironman mode

As we previously stated, quick saving and quick loading is cheating, plain and simple. The only reason you’re not seeing it as a cheat method is because everybody else is using it, but this does not mean it’s not an easy way out off 99% of gaming troubles. In our honest opinion, there is nothing, absolutely nothing more praiseworthy than when a player completes a game with Ironman mode enabled. This way you are forced to live with the consequences of every action and decision you ever make. You don’t even have to beat it spectacularly, just surviving to the end is more than enough to feel just how rewarding playing like this is. To all the Ironman’s out there, your awesome, and you should feel proud about your achievement!