Ever since Nintendo Switch was originally announced it stormed throughout the Internet leaving some folks very hyped about it while others couldn’t care less. Of course some people were also enraged for whatever reasons, do whatever nowadays and you’re bound to have somebody pissed off at you.

Anyways, so far what we know about Nintendo’s upcoming console is that it is indeed going to support backward compatibility to some extent. Like for example you would not be able to use physical media to run games you own in that form on your Nintendo Switch. Instead all those games can be purchased in a digital form throughout the market and played directly on your Switch. Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in some people’s eyes, to us this is definitely a great thing and whoever says it’s not will have a a lot of explaining to do but as we stated before, no matter what you do nowadays and you will make someone angry.

Moving on, the confirm the resolution of Nintendo Switch’s integrated display is 720p. Once again some people are okay with this while others are very much upset about it. I personally think 720p is more than enough for such a small display and that it will feel as an absolute HD considering just how portable and small the device actually is. If you want to go 1080p and above than you should perhaps consider getting a gaming PC rather than a handheld console.

The display is also going to be fully responsive to touch. This time around however were not talking about Wii-U touch or anything impaired and limited like that for that matter, no. This time around are going to have a fully capable touchscreen, the kind that you would usually see on modern smart phone and tablet devices, you know like iOS touchscreen and such.

Now whether this is a good or a bad decision from Nintendo it is too early to speculate. One thing we will say is that touchscreen is honestly nothing more than a gimmick and would like that this following console revolves more around games and gameplay and less around gimmicks and means to implement those inside of the gameplay. It feels like every time developers are faced with these gimmicks they kinda get side tracked and focus more on the ways to make those work instead on the actual gameplay itself.

Last but not least, there were so many people upset about the fact that this screenshot:


The problem here is apparently that the screenshot is not authentic and that it has been added only after words during post production of the video. Now, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the term advertisement or if you perhaps seen any, but long story short, this is an advertisement and it’s pretty much how they work, all of them.

So yes, the screenshot is most definitely a result of post production and to think that it’s not would be absurd, so yeah, your favorite video game company is lying to you.


That’s it for today’s post, stay close and stay in touch for more news on everything on gaming!