Ever since the release of their game called No Man’s Sky and ever since it’s disastrous failure that still echoes in every corner of the Internet no matter where you might be, Hello Games have been treating their fans with radio silence, or should we say customers due to a incredibly slim chance that they have won any fans considering just how bad the game they released was. Be that as it may, just a couple of days ago they finally decided to break their silence and have in fact posted on a twitter stating a single, well known fact.

Hello Games: No Man’s Sky was a mistake.


The truth is, even though the silence was broken we still there and get any new information. The game was definitely a failure and everybody is more than aware of that fact.

However, it is kinda sad to see something like this written on a developer’s twitter page, no matter what our feelings towards the development team might be at this time. We are not fans of Hello Games, at this point we don’t think they have any fans at all to be fair yet still, it is kinda sad to see this.

Shortly after the silence was broken we’ve heard from the company’s cofounder Sean Murray directly, through his own twitter stating how the account was actually hacked and the statement wasn’t made by them but instead some third-party person. He added how only mistake they made was the fact that they did not enable two-step verification on their LinkedIn profile which caused this tweet to happen in the first place.


It’s great to see that he didn’t lose his sense of humor and that they’ve got everything under control and fixed before some actual harm was done but the statement caused quite a stir around the Internet, and specifically on Reddit where all kinds of debates with tremendous important for the world’s future are being held on a daily basis.

People were kind of feeling bad for Hello Games after their tweet but this feeling of pettiness was short-lived once the confirmed that it was actually a hacker. This pettiness quickly turned back into the initial frustration because of the radio silence treatment that the customers were getting. People started asking why it is only now that they’ve decided to address the public? How is it that nothing else made them talk this by the fact that they’ve been getting constant complaints from their customers ever since the game was initially released.

Be it as it may, we still don’t like No Man’s Sky one bit. The fact that the developers openly lied and used false advertisement in order to sell their product is a despicable and lowest of the lowest possible practices to try and sell your product in our opinion.

Perhaps the game wouldn’t be as much of a failure as it is today only if they were honest and sincere about what the players should expect from their game because according to some, there was “nothing wrong with the game”and “only the marketing was a failure”.