PC Gamers: Don’t give up on Final Fantasy XV just yet!

Final Fantasy XV has been on the PlayStation for quite some time now and a quite large number of people have already had the pleasure of playing through the game even multiple times in some cases. However there has been one inconsistence in all of this.


The PC players have been denied the opportunity to enjoy and try the game for themselves. This is nothing new. PlayStation has been known to release exclusive videogame titles for like, forever and they are quite notorious for that.


On the other hand SquareEnix, the developer and the publisher of the Final Fantasy franchise has started turning towards PC more and more before a couple of years.

They’ve already brought some of the games like the classic Final Fantasy titles previously only available for Nintendo and the original PlayStation console. If you are one of the players who always wanted to but never had the chance to experience this undoubtably huge and beautiful game for themselves, well you will get your chance!


Final Fantasy XV is getting a PC release! It Has been officially confirmed and the game already has its own page on Steam,  PC’s most popular videogame distribution platform owned by Valve. The game is called Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and has promised to bring the ultimate version of the FF XV to the most powerful gaming platform with all kinds of bonus content, and specifically designed for Window players. It even says so in the game description.


Apparently, the PC version will feature all of the content contained in free updates released for the consoles versions of the game as well as the paid downloadable content that was originally only accessible through the season pass on consoles.

And what would PC gaming be without some ridiculously high level of details? The game will  support 3840×2160 resolution also known as 4K, all beautifully renderend in HDR 10. But you have to stop there the game will offer you the opportunity to tweak the settings and bring your resolution all the way up to 8K if you want to take some stunning screenshots or you have a large display and one to have all of the little details displayed in as much of the details as possible!


These are some really good news for all the Final Fantasy fans out there or gamers in general looking for something new to play. Final Fantasy games have always been known for their exceptional storytelling and narrative potential. Final Fantasy XV most definitely doesn’t fall behind and it even brings the whole gameplay level to well, another level so say.


While you wait for this masterpiece that has been in development for 10 years to finally arrive to Steam, go check out the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive which is a fully CG animated longplay movie that serves as an introduction for the game. Even if you don’t care for the story that much, the movie is excellently animated and a good time is almost guaranteed for every CG animation lover.



NBA 2K18: Pay-to-Play then keep paying for everything else

Just a week or so ago, NBA 2K18 was released and we were interested to see whether or not some changes have been made to the economy system which we remember for being abhorrently restrictive and over the top greedy. After less than a couple of minutes, we can say with utmost certainty that yes, they did make significant changes and made the game even more restrictive than we remember it.


This time around you have to pay absolutely for everything! Well ok, you don’t have to pay to play but if you want to play and win, you are required to pay at least more then the person you’re playing up against.


You see, NBA 2K18 made it so that unless you spend a significant amount of time grinding for the virtual currency, this time around you won’t be able to do some basic things like properly upgrade and develop your character.



But It’s not like you don’t have an alternative. You do. Instead of grinding you can always choose to straight off pay for some virtual currency and upgrade your characters straight away! We don’t know about you, but we remember when games like these relied on player skill rather than their wallets.


If you’re playing a game like this then, we are sorry that you have to put up with this. Nobody buys a game because of this. Every single NBA 2K player got the game because they wanted some fair and square basketball action, not because of their economy system. Who cares for that anyway? This is a basketball game, not an RPG!


Because we like you as well as we like all of our readers, we went on and searched for the best way to get a lot of virtual currency easily and even obtain locker codes. Among all different kinds of guides that are all rather helpful but all of them rely on glitch exploiting through the process of repeating a very stalemate action over and over again until you’ve had enough, we have also found this incredibly useful tool that will allow you to generate free locker codes almost instantly.


So go on right ahead and knock yourself out. We want these companies to see that the players are not going to put up with this. We are going to persevere one way or another. We are going to hack these games and we are going to exploit all the imperfections that they dare to sell us in the first place since they are clearly trying to exploit our good will.


If you have any friends playing this game, we would like to ask you to share that NBA 2K18 locker codes generator with them as well so that they can also use it to their benefit. This way we hope that people at 2K will realize that their stupid economy system is not something the players want and in the future focus on making quality products that we will pay for willingly instead of releasing half-baked, unstable game that can’t even run properly and still have the audacity ask for extra money from their customers.


The Impossible Just Happened!

To be fair, it happened quite a while ago it is only now that we have fully realized the magnitude of what did actually happened. Yeah, we are kind of slow like that, forgive us, we humbly beg of you. So what has actually happened? What is this impossible that we mentioned in the title? Well believe it or not, two of the games that most of the people gave up on a very long time ago are actually confirmed and ready to be distributed to gamers all around the world!

We do know if you are familiar with The Last Guardian, but chances are if you are an average gamer, you know exactly what The Last Guardian is or, to be more precise, what it was supposed to be years ago back when PlayStation three was considered to be the latest and most advanced that gaming has to offer.

Yes, it is actually been that long ago that we have first been introduced to the concept of The Last Guardian.

For those of you uninformed, The Last Guardian is a video game developed by the same people who made Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Guys behind these games are being called “team Ico” since Ico was their first game and also the one which set everything in motion.

The concept of The Last Guardian is kind of reverse concept of Shadow of the Colossus. While in Shadow of the Colossus you were chasing down giants trying to kill them in order to… Well, in order to do something, we just realized that it would be a huge spoiler if we said what you are actually trying to accomplish by doing it in that game.

This time around a Colossus (of sorts) is your best buddy and you play as a kid, similar to that one from Ico (minus the horns) while traversing landscape and solving all kinds of different puzzles involving platforming, combat and who knows what else. We’ll just have to wait until we’ve actually played the game.


And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got another game that pretty much everybody has given up on since it’s been in development for as long as we can remember. It feels like we were just hitting puberty when this game was revealed to us back in 20andwhoknowswhat year it was. Well now it’s official, the Final Fantasy XV is finally complete and you may expect the game to release worldwide any time now.


Were actually super excited about this game even though we are not a huge fans of the Final Fantasy series. Perhaps the fact that this game feels much more like an action adventure with the style pretty different from the other Final Fantasy games is the reason why, we don’t know, it could be.

Despite all the bold moves taken during its development that made the game feel less like a Final Fantasy and more like something entirely different, it still manages to radiate with that Final Fantasy charm and feel. However, the game has been in development for such a very long time and the expectation bar has been raised so high that this game has absolutely no chance of fulfilling even the slightest fragment of expectations set for it but even so, it is probably going to be a very good game and a very different kind of Final Fantasy.

The Able Gamers Spotlight

Hey guys! This time around wanted to do something very different than what we do usually with our post. Suffice to say, today’s post will be nothing like what you’ve come to expect so far from us and is going to feel more like an advertisement or a commercial material but nevertheless, we would like to ask for five minutes of your time to read through this because we think this is truly something that you should be aware of.


It was just recently that our team ran up to The Able Gamers foundation. These are the guys doing charity work and trying to help numerous disabled and in any way impaired individuals to fully enjoy video games just as if they they were completely capable people without any kind of handicap. And to tell you the truth, these guys are doing some extraordinary work on that field.

We all love playing video games. It’s probably our most favorite pastime of them all. Now imagine how devastating some of us would feel if that was just taken away from us. Imagine if you would never be able to play your favorite videogame again because of some physical condition that simply happen to you and you’re forced to live with it for the rest of your life. Imagine if the feeling of control would suddenly disappear from  your arms and you were unable to use your hands again to hold the controller or move the mouse around. Guys over at The Able Gamers are more than aware of the fact that there are many individuals with problems like these and some handicaps in general that don’t allow certain people to fully enjoy video games in a conventional way that most of us are simply taking for granted.

We would like to use this opportunity to simply mention this organization and make a short notion of what they’re doing in case that there is anybody out there interested in helping them out in some way or simply by spreading the word of their existence. Gaming is quickly becoming worlds most enjoyable pastime and there are more people enjoying this form of media every day. The Able Gamers are making sure that everybody is on equal footing when it comes to video games providing the means necessary for every individual disabled in any way to fully experience and enjoy video games.

Check out there webpage if you’re interested in this movement, and if you can donate it would most certainly help them out. From what we saw on the webpage, it is also possible to volunteer and further spread the word and help this noble cause fulfill its vision of accessible gaming for everybody.

Know that this is not a sponsored spotlight and that we are doing this because we want to, not because we were asked to do it or paid. We are not in any way affiliated with that organization and we have never even talked to any of its representatives, in fact we do not even know if they have any.

Increasing Number of Content Locked Behind a Payment Wall


Sad but true, in a modern video gaming industry it has become a common practice to only release a fraction of the game while simultaneously locking the remaining parts of the game behind payment wall. For those reasons today we are facing with day one DLC content which is clearly supposed to be in the main game.

Why is this happening? How did we get here? What happened during our time the drastically changed the way we play?

Quite frankly, it’s us, the consumers. The people are buying these things and that is the only reason they’re selling. That’s the short version of it and that’s the truth.

How can anyone expect a company like UbiSoft that makes half-baked games available for preorder time after time getting away with such a thing? We’re all aware how staged their pre-release trailers are, how great the idea behind those games is and how awful those games are upon their release and how for some reason these games keep selling prepurchase copies. Of course they’re going to do it again, why wouldn’t they went the games sold despite being awful. This is exactly the same game with contents being locked behind the payment wall.

Since they’re selling half-baked games, they know that customers will want to buy anything that may feel more like the experience they were initially after, so an $20 DLC for a game you already paid $80 for may not feel like much considering that you will be getting exactly what you initially wanted from the game. Right? Wrong.

stop supporting payment wall meme

By buying these game expansions, these downloadable contents that are clearly supposed to be in the main game, you are encouraging companies to continue with this kind of marketing and sales plans. If we want it to stop, if we want our games to have everything that they were supposed to have on the day one release, if we want to work for extra skins and extra maps, if we want to earn those special weapons and unlock secret game mods like we were supposed to do in the first place, we have to stop buying downloadable content that makes absolutely no sense to be sold as a separate game content.

Next time you’re playing NBA 2K17, don’t pay for virtual currency, do not buy those coins with your real hard earned coins, stop encouraging companies who incorporate this model to do that again. It’s not only about you, it’s about all of us. If you want more quality content, we have to think what were paying for.

Every PC user could simply download a mod that changes the character’s appearance instead of paying ten dollars for those silly things. Every NBA 2K17 player should instead make use of hacks that allow them to generate locker codes for NBA 2K17 rather than to willingly pay for those virtual coins.

Yes, it is considered cheating, we are perfectly aware of the fact but, what difference does it make whether you pay for somebody to add them to your account or you use a hack to generate them yourself. Either way you haven’t earned them, you’ve either paid or found a way to make them yourself, it’s cheating either way but it just so happens that one method is free and other one is asking you to pay for it.



More Updates on Nintendo Switch

Ever since Nintendo Switch was originally announced it stormed throughout the Internet leaving some folks very hyped about it while others couldn’t care less. Of course some people were also enraged for whatever reasons, do whatever nowadays and you’re bound to have somebody pissed off at you.

Anyways, so far what we know about Nintendo’s upcoming console is that it is indeed going to support backward compatibility to some extent. Like for example you would not be able to use physical media to run games you own in that form on your Nintendo Switch. Instead all those games can be purchased in a digital form throughout the market and played directly on your Switch. Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in some people’s eyes, to us this is definitely a great thing and whoever says it’s not will have a a lot of explaining to do but as we stated before, no matter what you do nowadays and you will make someone angry.

Moving on, the confirm the resolution of Nintendo Switch’s integrated display is 720p. Once again some people are okay with this while others are very much upset about it. I personally think 720p is more than enough for such a small display and that it will feel as an absolute HD considering just how portable and small the device actually is. If you want to go 1080p and above than you should perhaps consider getting a gaming PC rather than a handheld console.

The display is also going to be fully responsive to touch. This time around however were not talking about Wii-U touch or anything impaired and limited like that for that matter, no. This time around are going to have a fully capable touchscreen, the kind that you would usually see on modern smart phone and tablet devices, you know like iOS touchscreen and such.

Now whether this is a good or a bad decision from Nintendo it is too early to speculate. One thing we will say is that touchscreen is honestly nothing more than a gimmick and would like that this following console revolves more around games and gameplay and less around gimmicks and means to implement those inside of the gameplay. It feels like every time developers are faced with these gimmicks they kinda get side tracked and focus more on the ways to make those work instead on the actual gameplay itself.

Last but not least, there were so many people upset about the fact that this screenshot:


The problem here is apparently that the screenshot is not authentic and that it has been added only after words during post production of the video. Now, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the term advertisement or if you perhaps seen any, but long story short, this is an advertisement and it’s pretty much how they work, all of them.

So yes, the screenshot is most definitely a result of post production and to think that it’s not would be absurd, so yeah, your favorite video game company is lying to you.


That’s it for today’s post, stay close and stay in touch for more news on everything on gaming!

Hello Games Finally Break Silence!

Ever since the release of their game called No Man’s Sky and ever since it’s disastrous failure that still echoes in every corner of the Internet no matter where you might be, Hello Games have been treating their fans with radio silence, or should we say customers due to a incredibly slim chance that they have won any fans considering just how bad the game they released was. Be that as it may, just a couple of days ago they finally decided to break their silence and have in fact posted on a twitter stating a single, well known fact.

Hello Games: No Man’s Sky was a mistake.


The truth is, even though the silence was broken we still there and get any new information. The game was definitely a failure and everybody is more than aware of that fact.

However, it is kinda sad to see something like this written on a developer’s twitter page, no matter what our feelings towards the development team might be at this time. We are not fans of Hello Games, at this point we don’t think they have any fans at all to be fair yet still, it is kinda sad to see this.

Shortly after the silence was broken we’ve heard from the company’s cofounder Sean Murray directly, through his own twitter stating how the account was actually hacked and the statement wasn’t made by them but instead some third-party person. He added how only mistake they made was the fact that they did not enable two-step verification on their LinkedIn profile which caused this tweet to happen in the first place.


It’s great to see that he didn’t lose his sense of humor and that they’ve got everything under control and fixed before some actual harm was done but the statement caused quite a stir around the Internet, and specifically on Reddit where all kinds of debates with tremendous important for the world’s future are being held on a daily basis.

People were kind of feeling bad for Hello Games after their tweet but this feeling of pettiness was short-lived once the confirmed that it was actually a hacker. This pettiness quickly turned back into the initial frustration because of the radio silence treatment that the customers were getting. People started asking why it is only now that they’ve decided to address the public? How is it that nothing else made them talk this by the fact that they’ve been getting constant complaints from their customers ever since the game was initially released.

Be it as it may, we still don’t like No Man’s Sky one bit. The fact that the developers openly lied and used false advertisement in order to sell their product is a despicable and lowest of the lowest possible practices to try and sell your product in our opinion.

Perhaps the game wouldn’t be as much of a failure as it is today only if they were honest and sincere about what the players should expect from their game because according to some, there was “nothing wrong with the game”and “only the marketing was a failure”.

What Makes Gamers Even Prouder!

Last time we touched the topic of what makes gamers feel pride while playing. We got some really positive feedback from you guys regarding that article and many of you expressed how you would like to get more content like that so we gave it a thought and realized that this is probably a good idea so, why the hell not. This time around however, we are going to try and step up the game a little bit and see what makes us even prouder than the last time. This is a post made for the most hard-core of the hard-core ones, so let’s get this over with!


  • Getting 100% achievements in any game

Last time we mentioned how proud achievements can make us feel, any achievement for that matter, but only the most hard-core from the crowd know what truly matters. Getting 100% achievements score in any video game is a feeling like no other. This is basically your way of saying that you’ve seen it all and that no matter what anybody tries to tell you, you can just flaunt your perfect achievement score and give them a specific look, and you know what kind of look we’re talking about if you ever got 100% in any video game!


  • Godlike accuracy / Not missing a single shot

Certain video games keep track of your shots fired. Last time we mentioned how satisfactory scoring a headshot or a trick shot could be. This time around we’re stepping it up to an insane level! If you’ve ever played one of those cool tactical first-person shooter games like Insurgency or Arma you know just how important it is not to miss a shot. Living up until the game ends and until you eventually win it for your team and finally realizing that you’ve made every fired shot count is truly what legends are made of.


  • Making it to TOP 10 on leaderboards

Last time it was being MVP after the round ends, but how about being an all time MVP or simply the best of the best like nobody ever was before you? Undoubtedly this is something that most of the players will not be able to relate to, not now and probably not ever but those of you who know the feeling of making it to leaderboard’s top 10 places are probably not going to forget that moment for as long as they are alive.


  • No kill play through

Getting a perfect stealth run is one thing but completing an entire game without ever relying on your weapon is something else. We all know how hard it can be just to finish a certain area of a level without ever having to rely on your trustworthy weapon or gadgets that may maim or incapacitate your enemies in a variety of ways. But what about completing an entire game without ever firing a single shot at the enemy? This is more than just finishing the game, this is what a moral victory feels like and if you’ve ever done something like this, we salute you!


  • Finishing a game on Ironman mode

As we previously stated, quick saving and quick loading is cheating, plain and simple. The only reason you’re not seeing it as a cheat method is because everybody else is using it, but this does not mean it’s not an easy way out off 99% of gaming troubles. In our honest opinion, there is nothing, absolutely nothing more praiseworthy than when a player completes a game with Ironman mode enabled. This way you are forced to live with the consequences of every action and decision you ever make. You don’t even have to beat it spectacularly, just surviving to the end is more than enough to feel just how rewarding playing like this is. To all the Ironman’s out there, your awesome, and you should feel proud about your achievement!

What Makes Gamers Proud?

Pride is something no other form of entertainment can make you experience. You never feel proud while reading the book and there is no reason for you to feel any pride at all when you’re watching a movie where a fictional character is not a representation of yourself in any way possible achieves something extraordinary or simply cool (unless of course you are a Scottish guy watching Braveheart, in that case it’s okay). In gaming however, you are just as credible as the character you’re controlling for their achievements. So, what are those things in gaming that make us proud and want to screenshot the moment, put it in a frame in place in on a wall in our room so we never forget about it? Here’s what think:


  • Earning an achievement of any kind.

We’ve all been there and we all know just how satisfying it is to get that notification saying how you’ve achieved something, no matter what it is. Every time we get one of those, were filled with a sense of pride even if just for a fraction of the moment until we realize how pointless all of that is, but for that fraction, in that tiny moment of time, it’s all worth it.


  • Getting a Headshot in a FPS game.

Any kind of headshot, trick shot or a long-distance successful hit for that matter. For instance scoring a really tricky and distant shot in sniper elite accommodated with slow-motion camera and x-ray footage to show exactly what you did and what happened to your target. If the game is multiplayer, then it’s even better because you know that on top of the fact that you just scored a point, you’ve probably pissed off somebody completely unrelated to you in any way. Now isn’t that just great?


  • Being MVP in any multiplayer game.

If it happens that those tricky head shots are something you do often, then perhaps you’re familiar with the pride filling your entire being at that moment when you’re being called the MVP of the game. There is truly nothing more honoring to a multiplayer gamer than being recognized as the most important and honor worthy member of their team. Here’s to you MVP’s!


  • Pulling off a PERFECT stealth mission.

In stealth games, it is fairly easy to make progress simply because of the fact that the enemy is unaware of you and you can easily pick them off one by one. Those of us who seek more thrilling and more challenging approach to situations like these, nothing but a perfect stealth run is considered satisfactory. By perfect stealth we mean never getting spotted, never killing an enemy and it never raising any suspicion at all throughout the entire level. Now that’s a damn good feeling!


  • Not using quicksave for a long time.

Now imagine everything that was mentioned before, and put it into perspective of the single player gamer. Pulling a perfect stealth, getting a lot of head shots and surviving the level ultimately or earning a specific kind of achievement which usually requires you to play a game under specific circumstances (and usually these mean that you are crippled in a way), all of this while restraining yourself from using the most widespread sheet of them all that we are all using, the quick save / load function. Now that is something you should truly be proud about!